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Merchant Services
Features & Benefits

  • Provides a spotless exterior finish minimizing water spots and stains
  • Softens water
  • Improves tastes and removes odors
  • Minimizes drying time
  • Softened water prevents dulling of surfaces
  • Wax lasts longer, preserves luster
  • Uses less soap and creates more suds
  • Helps soaps and detergents clean better
  • Does not affect water pressure
  • Simple and fast disconnect attachment
  • Portable and stores easily
  • Built to withstand the tough marine environment
  • Filters and softens water for years unlike other disposable softeners
  • Cheap, simple and fast re-charge process
  • No mechanical parts
  • No electricity needed
  • Made completely of maintenance-free, non-corrosive materials
  • Extends life of appliances
  • No clogged, tarnished or stained plumbing/faucets
  • Helps whiten and brighten colors
  • Designed horizontally with sturdy legs to prevent rolling and tip over (unlike vertical types)
  • Environmentally safe and saves energy
  • Made in America

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Need to keep your boats, cars or RV spot-less?
Our product makes this massive job a lot easier along with softening your water.