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Considered the ultimate portable water filter/softener, we pride ourselves in building a quality product at a reasonable price. Our water filter/softener is built tough to withstand the harsh marine environment, providing you with a complete, portable water filtering, softening system for potable water and a system that will greatly minimize water spotting and staining. Our system has been tested and proven effective.

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The portable Stainless water filter/softener reduces the necessity to chamois dry after washing and rinsing. When washing a boat, yacht, RV , airplane, automobile, etc. it's nearly impossible to complete the job without the surfaces air drying at the starting location. Our filter minimizes spotting, streaking and staining on all surfaces including brightwork, fiberglass, metal, painted, glass, plastic and EZ2CY and will provide a spotfree result. It will preserve the luster of your finish and saves money on high cost maintenance. The Stainless filter removes the hard water mineral spots and stains such as Calcium, Magnesium, Tannis, Iron, Chlorine and ammonia from the water source as it passes through the filter. It softens the water, which creates more suds, therefore using less soap. It also softens your water to fill your storage tank or leave it attached to your water supply line for on board use. It helps preserve the plumbing lines, water heater elements, fixtures, ice machines, etc.. While showering you will feel the softness of the water. Our portable water softener system provides a continuous supply of soft, filtered water for cleaning and drinking. It will provide the benefits whether you're using well water, island water, or municipal water.

The Stainless water treatment system contains millions of the finest quality, highly specified, resin beads, which produce an ion exchange extracting all hard water elements. Hard water mineral deposits from dockside water dull gelcoat and other surfaces and will damage windows. After the water supply has passed through the filter, the reduction of water spots, streaks and stains will be very evident.

There are no mechanical or metallic parts that can deteriorate, is made completely of non-corrosive materials and requires no electricity. The filter will not reduce any pressure or volume of water flow and the direction of water can flow either way through the softener. The Stainless water softener standard size will accommodate up to 5000 gallons of tap water before a simple re-charging process. The mega size will accommodate up to 8500 gallons, and the mini size will accommodate 1000 gallons. Our system provides many other benefits, which are listed on the Features & Benefits page.